News and the History of LAP






As of June 2021, the Lithuanian Archives Project has moved to 5528 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641.



In November of 2015 the LAP staff visited the Chicago Film Archives located at 329 W 18th Street.

chicago film archives

Intern Patricia Chavez of LAP and Brian Belak, Processing Archivist and Client Services of the Chicago Film Archives.

In October of 2015 LAP visited the Video Data Bank located at 112 S Michigan Avenue in Chicago. We visited as part of the Chicago Collections Consortium, an event organized by Chicago Area Archivists. While there, she researched methods of video digitization as part of the organized tour.

video data bank

In July of 2015, LAP received the TEAC X-7 magnetic tape recorder. It features a seven-inch reel, two speeds (3.75 and 7.5), four tracks, three heads, three motors, and a dual capstan drive.


LAP received a UPS package on the coldest day of January 2015. Inside was the Webster-Chicago wire recorder model 228-1. The wire recorder features a 15-minute timer for locating specific locations for replay, a removable takeup reel that allows for the easy removal of a broken wrapped wire, dual playback, a pilot light, and a neon record level light. It is the only working wire recorder in the Chicagoland area.


wire recorder

In September 2014, LAP visited Chicago radio station WCEV, Chicagoland’s Ethnic Voice, at its offices at 5356 W Belmont Avenue to test six magnetic tape recordings from the Sophie Barcus Radio Program Collection on their machines.

wcev sign.jpg


LAP tests recordings at WCEV’s studio.