Donate in 2019

Donate in 2019

A Year of Many Successes!

Dear Friend of Lithuanian-American Culture,

Hello, it’s Audra Adomenas, President of the Lithuanian Archives Project. All of us here at LAP hope that you have had a wonderful and relaxing summer. As Fall approaches, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your donations and support which have helped LAP reach and accomplish numerous goals/projects throughout the year. LAP has moved into a larger office space and is now located at 4637 N. Ashland Avenue in Chicago. This larger, rented office space has allowed us to have more interns and volunteers work with us. We welcome you to e-mail us at or to call us at (312) 940-3940 in order to schedule a tour of the LAP office. We would love to show you around and introduce you to some of the new and exciting projects going on this year.

The 2018 calendar year has brought many changes and achievements.  We have focused our energies on moving into our new office space and setting up our digitization lab in our new office space. We are also very excited about our continued collaboration with the Dominican University in River Forest, IL archival studies program, through which students will be working with raw archival materials at LAP.

I have been asked before, “why do we need LAP?” To answer this question in just a few words, LAP is neither a library, nor a museum, nor a long-term storage facility. LAP is unique and does not duplicate the activities of any existing Lithuanian diaspora organization. LAP only stores materials while the collections are being digitized. After material is digitized, collections are appropriately placed with an organization or institution that specializes in long-term storage. Currently, LAP is the only Lithuanian diaspora organization that is staffed with professionally trained librarians and archivists and is actively engaged in digitizing rare forms of audiovisual material. LAP will continue, like it has since 2009, on a scale manageable with an all-volunteer staff. However, if digitization of Lithuanian diaspora materials is a matter of importance to the Lithuanian-American community and LAP receives additional funding, LAP digitization activities can expand beyond the present parameters to become a digitization center for obsolete forms of audiovisual media used in the 20th century.

LAP has taken years to find, maintain and repair obsolete forms of media players so that we may digitize (or, turn into a computer-readable format), obsolete recordings related to Lithuanian diaspora history. Here, yet, is another defining factor of LAP. LAP specializes in digitization of Lithuanian materials created in the diaspora, i.e., the territories outside of Lithuania proper. That includes not only the Chicago area, but Los Angles, Buenos Aires, London, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, etc.

Why is LAP well-suited for this? LAP staff are all professionally trained librarians or archivists, which allows us to draw on our professional expertise to achieve our goals.

Among other activities, we continue to digitize more historic audio recordings from the Sophie Barcus Radio Program and are, presently, digitizing hundreds of more photographs related to this collection.  We have also been able to purchase archival quality materials in which to house the Sophie Barcus Radio collection’s photographs. We have also been able to digitize several rare films. A number of photographs from this collection has been posted to the LAP Facebook page as well as to other local Chicago-area and international Lithuanian and Lithuanian history Facebook groups.  The photos have garnished much interest for this collection — some of the photographs have been viewed over 5,000 times in the time span of one week! With over 580 sound recordings in this collection, digitization will continue throughout the year 2018. As one can easily imagine, with a span of 54 continuous years –1932 to 1986 — these recordings and photographs contain something of interest to all, many of which are gems in themselves.  From Lithuanian music to interviews with local politicians, guests from Lithuania, notable poets, musicians and luminaries – you name it, this collection has it! The year has also brought many changes to LAP’s website and Facebook page (please “like” us on Facebook!)  as well as a number of new clients and projects.  Among those LAP is aiding in preserving their history for posterity are the Sisters of St. Casimir (SSC) and the Church of the Immaculate Conception (Brighton Park, Chicago). The LAP website contains digitized versions of the architectural plans of the Sisters of St. Casimir Motherhouse (completed in 1911) and Maria High School (completed in 1952), as well as select audio recordings and video materials. There is also a digitized version of a commemorative 100-year video of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Chicago. This past year, LAP collaborated on a project with the Dean of the School of Architecture at Gediminas Technical University whereby the scanned architectural plans from the Sisters of St. Casimir collection were a part of an exhibit on Lithuanian architecture in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Thank you for your past support and much needed donations. Please help us do justice to these historic collections by helping us to digitize and make them available to future generations. Your support enables LAP to continue this most important work in preserving the vital contributions of Lithuanians to the diaspora and the world community. Since LAP is an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your contribution goes directly towards supporting LAP and its projects.  Any amount that you can afford to donate towards achieving this goal is tax-deductible. 

Warm regards, ,

Audra V. Adomenas, MLIS, President, Lithuanian Archives Project   (312) 940-3940

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Lithuanian Archives Project (LAP) is a 501(c) (3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows.


Gerbiami lietuvių kultūros mylėtojai ir saugotojai,

Šio laiško tikslas – supažindinti Jus su lietuvių archyvo projektu (LAP), nauja nepelno organizacija, kuriuos tikslas išsaugoti archyvinę medžiagą, susieta su lietuvių diasporos patirtimi ne tik Čikagoje, bet ir visoje Amerikoje. LAP savanorišką organizaciją sudaro profesionalai bibliotekininkai ir archyvistai, kaip filialas jungiami su Čikagos Bibliotekininkų Magistro programą (DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY) taip pat LAP yra Čikagos Archyvistų (CHICAGO AREA ARCHIVISTS) ir MIDWEST ARCHIVES CONFERENCE narys. LAP yra vienintele organizacija Čikagos apylinkėse kuri išsaugoja archyvinę audio medžiaga skaitmeninėje formoje.

LAP tikslas – išsaugoti Sofijos Barcus kolekciją, kurią sudaro vielos įrašai ir 535 audio filmų juostos. Jose yra radijo programų įrašai. S. Barcus radijo programa, transliuota daugiau nei 50 metų, buvo pagrindinis Amerikos lietuvių informacijos šaltinis.

Sofija Barcus gimė 1898m. Lietuvoje, netoli Šiaulių, Užventy. Dar maža būdama su tėvais atvyko į Ameriką. Kartu su vyru Augustinu 1932m. sukūrė radijo programą, lietuvių kalba transliuojama iš Čikagos ir Čikagos apylinkes 54 metus. Sofija Barcus populiari radijo programų sudarytoja ir vedėja, aktyvi organizatorė. Jos pastaromis įkurta Amerikos lietuvių moterų – namų šeimininkių draugija, (LITHUANIAN HOUSEWIVES RED CROSS UNIT) kurioje buvo daugiau nei 300 moterų (veikė 1942-1957 metais). Moterų organizacija savo lėšomis nupirko greitosios pagalbos automobilį ir padovanojo Čikagos American Red Cross. Amerikos spauda šį įvykį plačiai išgarsino, pabrėždama Sofijos Barcus pasiaukojimą geriems darbams, veiklos reikšmingumą visuomenei. II-ojo Pasaulinio karo metais ir po jo S. Barcus organizacija rinko pinigines aukas, drabužius ir siuntė į Europą pabėgėliams iš Lietuvos DP stovyklose, taip pat padėjo finansiškai iš DP stovyklų į Čikagą atvykusiems lietuviams. 1961m. greta lietuvių kalba radijo programos S. Barcus pradėjo anglų kalba ROUND THE WORLD WITH MUSIC.

LAP kreipiasi į Jus prašydama finansinės paramos, kad Sofijos Barcus radijo ir audio archyvas būtų perdirbtas į skaitmeninę formą. Norint išsaugoti ir studijuoti lietuvių įnašą į Amerikos įstoriją, Sofijos Barcus kolekcija yra būtina, nes laikui bėgant audio įrašų kokybė blogėja ir nyksta. Skaitmeninėje formoje ši įdomi, vertinga medžiaga bus laisvai prieinama internete.

LAP dėkoja už supratimą ir pagalbą finansiškai įgyvendinti projektą. Jūsų aukas galite nurašyti savo metinėse pajamų deklaracijose (TAX DEDUCTIBLE).

Nuoširdžiai dėkoju,

Audra V. Adomėnas, MLIS, Lithuanian Archives Project (LAP) Prezidentė

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