Rev. Anthony M. Švedas Finding Aid

Rev. Anthony M. Švedas Papers
Dates: 1925-1959
Creator: Švedas, Rev. Anthony M. (1909-1993)
Extent: ## linear ft
Level of description:
Language: English, French, Latin
Processor & date: Lawanda Miller, Chris Barbuschak, Garnet Miller, Vanessa Wheatman,
October 2012

Administration Information
Restrictions: none
Citation: Lithuanian Archive Project, Rev. Anthony M. Švedas Papers. Box #, Folder #.
Provenance: See provenance note in finding aid for Lithuanian Marian Monastery (St. Casimir Province) Collection. The Rev. Anthony M. Švedas Papers are a part of the Lithuanian Marian Monastery (St. Casimir Province) Collection. This sub-collection is contained entirely in Rev. Švedas’ army footlocker.

Separations: none
See Also: Archdiocese of Chicago’s Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archives & Records Center- Our
Lady of Vilnius Sacramental Records; Marianapolis Preparatory School- Thompson, Connecticut

Biographical Sketch
Rev. Anthony M. Švedas was born on August 13, 1909. Švedas studied philosophy in
Montreal, Canada and later theology in Rome, where he was ordained to the Marian priesthood
in 1934. The following year, Švedas taught at Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson,
Connecticut and did so for four years. He later became Novice master at the Marian Hills House.
During World War II, the government required ten percent of every religious congregation to
serve as military chaplains. In 1942, Švedas was the first Marian priest of his order to volunteer.
He became the army chaplain of task force 8408 and also of the 21st infantry regiment, 24th
division. As a chaplain Švedas participated in several campaigns including Guadalcanal,
Midanao, Bougainville, New Caledonia, and Solomon Islands. Švedas was also charter member
and chaplain of the Don Varnas American Legion post since its founding in 1945 in Illinois.
After eight years as an army chaplain, Švedas served for two years as pastor and Superior of Our
Lady of Vilna Catholic Church a Lithuanian parish in Chicago (23rd St. and Oakley Ave.). He
later served as a chaplain in Alaska for a few years. Švedas was transferred to Argentina in 1960
where he spent the remainder of his life in Rosario holding many offices such as Superior and
Novice Master. He died on November 21, 1993 at 84 years old in Rosario after celebrating 59
years in the priesthood.

Scope and Content
The Rev. Anthony M. Švedas Papers consists of ## linear feet spanning the years
1925-1959. The collection consists of correspondence, photos, diaries, journals, books
newspaper clippings, sacramental records, pamphlets, chaplain monthly reports, and a trophy.
The main subjects included are World War II and Marianapolis Preparatory School. The
collection is organized as a container list.

Series Info
Series 1: Biographical, 1925-1938
This series consists of journals, scrapbooks, diaries, and a trophy. Subjects include Marianapolis
Preparatory School in Thompson, Connecticut, Rome, World War II, Hiroshima, and other
personal recollections by Švedas.
Series 2: Correspondence, 1941-1956
This series consists of letters and correspondence. Subjects include World War II, chaplain life,
matrimony, Bro. George Mullens, Bro. Slim Atkocius, and Marianapolis Preparatory School.
Series 3: Sacramental Records, 1952-1956
This series consists of baptismal certificates, marriage certificates, confirmation certificates, and
chaplain’s monthly reports. Subjects include religious sacraments and the daily duties of a
military chaplain.
Series 4: Travels, 1938-1958
This series consists of pamphlets, maps, photographs, postcards, and directories. Subjects include
Springfield, Ill.; Yellowstone National Park; Hannibal, Mo.; Mark Twain Cave; Deerlodge
National Forest; Abraham Lincoln; and Idaho.
Series 5: Publications 1888-1959
This series consists of various books, newspapers, and pamphlets. Subjects include marriage,
religious sacraments, and Catholic teachings.

Elmendorf, Alaska
Hiroshima bombing
Marianapolis Preparatory School (Thompson, CT)
Marian Order
Rome, Italy
World War II

Container List

Series 1: Biographical, 1925-1938

Diary Book II Fri. August 27, 1943- November 24, 1943 1943
Diary of Interesting Events 1932-1935 at Rome, 1935-1938 Thompson, Conn. 1932-1938
Diary-Wholesome Thoughts October 6, 1933-January 27, 1934 1933-1934
Diary-Wholesome thoughts and appealing phrases August 7, 1933- October 4, 1933 1933
Diary [contains clippings, correspondence] 1951
Diary [includes description of Hiroshima bombing] 1945
Scrapbook of prose quotations and selection March 13, 1940-November 18, 1941 1940-1941
Scrapbook Journal of Quotes N.D.
Scrapbook Entered Novitiate August 14, 1925 took first vows August 15, 1926 1925-1926
Journal containing various entries N.D.
Scrapbook- “Reference Books Extracts in Various Subjects” 1933-?
Diary- “Memoirs of an Army Chaplain” [contains clippings] Feb.-May 1944
Diary- “Memoirs of an Army Chaplain” [contains clippings] Jan.-Aug, 1943
Scrapbook Lib XI [contains clippings] 1941-1951
Scrapbook Lib VIII- Wholesome Thoughts 1937-1938
Scrapbook-Scrapbook of Choice Quotations 1937-1938
Scrapbook Lib VII- Wholesome Thoughts 1934-1937
Diary- Continuation of Diary 1945
Diary- Continuation of A Chaplain’s Diary 1945-1950
Scrapbook Lib III- Poems/Scripture [contains clippings] N.D.
Scrapbook Lib II- Wholesome Thoughts N.D.
Trophy N.D.
“Onions” [2 copies] Švedas’ personal account of World War II N.D.


Series 2: Correspondence, 1941-1956

Folder II Correspondence June 11, 1955- May 26, 1955 1955
Folder III Correspondence May 26, 1955-April 4, 1956 1955-1956
Atkocius, Bro. Slim- 12/19/1943 1943
Atkocius, Bro. Slim- 2/25/1944 1944
Marion Hills Mission Club- 11/13/1943 1943
Mullens, Bro. George – 3/4/1945 1945
Mullens, Bro. George- 5/30/1945 1945
Mullens, Bro. George- 8/22/1945 1945
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 1/2/1944 1944
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 12/27/1943 1943
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 2/14/1944 1944
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 12/27/1943 1943
Saplips, Bro. Stanley – 4/6/1943 1943
Rector, Fr. – 4/27/1944 1944
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 3/19/1944 1944
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 12/31/1943 1943
Mullens, Bro. Peter – 12/27/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. George – 11/30/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. – 12/11/1944 1944
Saplips, Bro. Stanley – 9/15/1943 1943
Mullens, Bro. Peter – 6/14/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. 5/12/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. 4/8/1944 1944
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 6/14/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. 11/2/1944 1944
Mullens, Bro. George 3/1945 1945
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 1/21/1943 1943
Atkocius, Bro. Slim – 11/11/1943 1943
Mullens, Bro. George 8/7/1945 1945
Saplips, Bro. Stanley 11/4/1941 1941
Mullens, Bro. George 11/10/1941 1941

Series 3: Sacramental Records, 1952-1956

Baptismal records 1955
Chaplain’s Monthly Reports March 1952-April 1956 1952-1956
Chaplain’s Monthly Reports March 1952-April 1956 1952-1956
Marriage records 1952-1954
Marriage Records- Elmendorf, Alaska June 5, 1955- September 13, 1955 1955
Parish Picnic program N.D.

Series 4: Travels, 1938-1958

“History of the Lincoln Home” by Frank Darneille 1938
“In Lincoln’s Footsteps” Travel magazine article by George S. Wells 1958
“Lincoln’s Springfield: A Guidebook and Brief History” by Harry E. Pratt 1955
A Directory of Yellowstone National Park- West Gate guide (2 copies) N.D.
Abraham Lincoln & Historic Springfield, Illinois souvenir views N.D.
Color Photographs 10 views Mark Twain’s Cave- Hannibal, Missouri N.D.
Deerlodge National Forest pamphlet N.D.
Hannibal, Missouri 10 various postcards N.D.
Idaho Points of Interest and Touring Map N.D.
Metropolitan Anchorage Alaska Guide map N.D.
Plastichrome photos of Abe Lincoln series N.D.
Springfield, Ill. Capitol guide N.D.
Springfield, Ill. postcards N.D.
The Home of Abraham Lincoln pamphlet N.D.
Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone, Montana pamphlet N.D.

Series 5: Publications, 1888-1959

“Roget’s Thesaurus of the English Language in Dictionary Form” 1938
“Marriage and Civil Law” by Michael F. Walsh 1949
“Essentials of Religion Book One” by Gerald Ellard 1959
“How to Make A Will Simplified” by Parnell Callahan 1954
“Salvation of Non-Catholics” by Fr. Winifred Herbst 1953
“Commandments of the Church” by George A. McDonald S.J. 1937
“A Bird’s Eye View of the Five Kinds of Law” by Rev. Francis X. Sallaway 1948
“Law of Marriage and Divorce Simplified” by Richard V. Mackay 1952
“The Catholic Faith” pamphlet N.D.
Catholic Press Directory article October 1954 1954
“Suffering with Christ-An Anthology of the Writings of Dom Columba Marion, O.S.B” 1942
“Father Cornell’s The New Baltimore Catechism No. 3” Father Kinkead Memorial Ed. 1941
“Manual of Christian Perfection” by Msgr. P.J. Stockman 1921
“The Eternal Purpose” by M. Philipon, O.P. 1952
“The Value of Friendship” by Frederick Lawrence Knowles 1904
“One Hour With Him” by The Very Reverend Msgr. L.J.L Kirlin 1923
“Friendship” by Hugh Black, MA 1903
“Alaska Today” by B.W. Denison 1950
“Mental Health in a Mad World” by James A. Mager 1953
“The Little Office of the Virgin Mary Prayer Book” by Unknown N.D.
“The New Rubrics for Missal and Brebiary” by Very Rev. Aidan M. Carr 1955
“Making the Catholic Church Easy to Know” by Rev. John J. Walde 1940
“Catholic Faith a Catechism for Intermediate Grades Book Two by Unknown 1939
“Instructions for Non-Catholics Before Marriage” by Rev. Anthony M. Ostheimer 1951
“Manuel Classique de Conversations de Francaises et Anglaises et une ser
de de Dialogues by P. Saderr 1888
“Why Six Instructions? Arranging for a Mixed Marriage” (2) by The Bishop of Peoria 1942
“Yank Magazine” 1944
Pacific Island Yearbook War-Time edition 1942