Lithuanian Marian Monastery (Province of St. Casimir) Collection Finding Aid

Lithuanian Marian Monastery (Province of St. Casimir) Archives Collection


Dates: 1814-2008


Creator: The Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Province of St. Casimir


Extent: approximately 82 linear feet


Language: Lithuanian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Belarusian, Ukrainian


Processor & Date: Audra Adomenas, Chris Barbuschak, Patricia Chavez, Garnet Miller, Lawanda Miller, Danielle Nowak, Sutton Skowron, Vanessa Wheatman, 2012-2016


Administration Information


Restrictions: none




Provenance:  Audra Adomenas, professional librarian and archivist (MLIS Dominican University 2005) rescued the partial library holdings of the Lithuanian Marian Fathers in Chicago after the Lithuanian Marian Fathers had vacated the building and it was in the process of being reappropriated for use from a monastery to a retreat center. In August 2009, the Hispanic Marriage encounter group was handed over the monastery that was full of Lithuanian-language materials that they could neither read nor have any use for since the last of the Lithuanian Marians were either in nursing homes on the East Coast or deceased. A concerned member of the Hispanic community requested that Audra, as a professional librarian who speaks and writes the Lithuanian language fluently, come to take a look at the materials. As Audra arrived on site, the process of emptying the  contents left behind in the monastery were being dumped in large dumpsters in preparation of getting the building cleaned up and ready for their own group’s use. Audra expresses gratitude to members of the Hispanic community for alerting her, as they were overwhelmed by finding a building that was turned over for their use but full of materials which were useless to them. Had it not been for concerned members of the Mexican-American community the materials would have been lost to the trash heap. A ten-year-old girl, Karen Contreras, asked her father to take action because she, a lover of books, was saddened by children playing in piles of books and drawing on them. After Audra received the call from little Karen’s father, she came on site and recognized that the materials were in the Lithuanian language and had an enormous historical significance to the Lithuanian community. Audra and four volunteers worked to salvage what they could. Afterwards, Audra’s family rented a climate-controlled storage locker on Chicago’s North side where the materials were transported in the boxes and rented truck. The contents of the boxes are the living legacy of the Chicago Lithuanian Marians, and Audra felt compelled and spiritually obligated to make sure they are not lost to posterity. Fortunately, her professional background allowed her to do more than wishful thinking. The Lithuanian Archives Project (LAP), a not-for-profit organization in the State of Illinois has been preserving the partial library holdings of the Lithuanian Marian Fathers since 2009. LAP also has a partnership with Audra’s alma mater, Dominican University, and their MLIS students specializing in archival studies.  Audra’s Father, Professor Antanas J. VanReenan (now retired) was very close to Rev. Dr. Vytautas Bagdonavicius, MIC (now deceased), a Lithuanian Marian who lived for many years at the site where the books were discarded. Indeed, some of the interviews which Prof. VanReenan used for his doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago on the Lithuanian Diaspora also took place at the same monastery through the 1970’s and 1980’s. Audra recalls visiting the monastery as a girl while her father conducted his research there, and feels that it is her debt to her Lithuanian heritage to be of assistance to the Marian Fathers in completing their new directive from from Rome — namely, to preserve their archives.


Biographical Sketch

The Marians of the Immaculate Conception (MIC), formally titled The Congregation of the Marian Clerics Regular under the title of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a Roman Catholic congregation founded by St. Stanislaus Papczynski in Poland in 1673. After being persecuted by Russian authorities, the congregation was reduced to just one member. The Marians were saved from extinction by Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevičius, who renovated and refounded the order in 1910. The Marian Fathers currently operate in nineteen countries on six continents. The Marian Fathers came to United States in 1913 and established themselves on Chicago’s south side. They took over the publication of Draugas in 1920, the same year they also began publishing Laivas. Between 1924 and 1955, the Marian Fathers established a novitiate, high school, college, and seminary. They also sent a missionary band to Argentina. The St. Casimir Province was established in Chicago in 1930. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy Province was established in 2006 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts as a result of the unification between Chicago’s St. Casimir Province and Stockbridge’s St. Stanislaus Kostka Province. As of 2016, there is only one Marian province in the United States that has no formal associations with the Lithuanian language.


Scope and Content


Series Information


Series 1: Kazimiras Jodelis, 1942-1978

Kazimiras (Kazys) Jodelis was born on March 3, 1922 in Aknīste. He died on September 15, 2005, at the age of 83. This series includes photographs along with personal items and papers.


Series 2: John Baltrušaitis, MIC, 1939-1963

John Joseph Baltrušaitis was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 16, 1910. Baltrušaitis served as a priest for 34 years, including some time as a missionary in Argentina. He died on June 23, 1974 at the age of 64. This series includes photographs, various personal photographs, and a notebook.


Series 3: Subdeacon Matthew Pulauskas, n.d.

Subdeacon Matthew Pulauskas studied philosophy and theology in Kaunas, Germany, Rome, and the U.S. He became a subdeacon in 1950, but was not able to become a priest due to illness. He served as a member of the MIC for 70 years, where he completed English to Lithuanian translations, guided religious groups, and led novenas. He died on April 9, 2000 at the age of 86 in Chicago. This series includes two notebooks.


Series 4: Very Reverend Dr. Viktoras Rimšelis, MIC, 1926-2002

The Very Reverend Viktoras Rimšelis was born on May 11, 1915. He joined the MIC on September 29, 1933 at the age of 18. He was ordained as a priest on May 2, 1943 and went on to serve for 69 years. He served as a Provincial and as superior of the St. Casimir Province for three separate six-year terms, as well as working as editor of “Draugas.” He died on August 9, 2012 at the age of 97. This series contains photographs, letters, and personal papers.


Series 5: Pranas Brazys, 1947-1959

Pranas Brazys was born in February 18, 1915. He studied in Marijampole, Kaunas, Warsaw, Prague, and Rome. He was a priest for 24 years, spending 9 years in Argentina. He was elected vicar general in 1957, while also becoming superior of the house in Rome. In 1964, Pope Paul VI nominated him for bishop for the pastoral care of Lithuanian emigrants. He died unexpectedly on June 9, 1967. This series contains a folio of personal papers and notes.


Series 6: Reverend Pranciškus Garšva, MIC, 1962-1990

Reverend Pranciškus Garšva obtained a Licentiate in Theology from the Angelicum and went on to serve as a priest for over 50 years. He ministered in Argentina and joined the Chicago house in 1957, where he served as I Councilor and editor of “Draugas.” He died on January 24, 1993 at the age of 78. This series contains papers, letters, photographs, pamphlets, and an award for journalism.


Series 7: Antanas J. Miciūnas, MIC, 1963-1970

Antanas J. Miciūnas served as a priest for 58 years, working in Worcester, Chicago, and Kenosha. He was engaged in the Apostolate of the Press and also served as superior, pastor, and econome. He died Oak Park, Illinois on September 22, 1998 at the age of 82. This series consists of two notebooks and a folder of correspondence.  


Series 8: Francis Skrodenis, 1944

Francis Skrodenis was as a priest for almost sixty years, serving as Local Superior in Kenosha and as a Pastor in Chicago and Milwaukee. He also served as Provincial Treasurer in various houses. He died on April 13, 1991 in Chicago, at the age of 85. This series contains a prayer card in remembrance of the ordination of John J. Skrodenis to the priesthood.


Series 9: Reverend Vytautas Bagdanavičius, MIC, 1947-1996

Vytautas Bagdanavičius was born in Lithuania in 1908. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1936 in Vilkaviskis. He studied in Kaunas, Grenoble, and Munich, joining the Marian Fathers in 1949. He directed the Lithuanian School of Journalism and the Lithuanian Pedagogical Institute, and also served as Moderator of the Book Club and as House Secretary. He died in Chicago on February 28, 2001. This series contains correspondence, copies of his numerous publications, research notes, and other personal papers.


Series 10: Mykolas Urbonavičius, MIC, 1930-1956

Mykolas Urbonavičius completed his studies and received his ordination into the priesthood in Warsaw. He served as a priest for 58 years, working at the Marian Hills Seminary in Clarendon Hills. He died on August 4, 1973 at the age of 82. This series contains correspondence and other personal papers.


Series 11: Reverend Jonas Duoba

Reverend Jonas Duoba was born in March 8, 1922 in Versiai, Lithuania. He completed his seminary education in  Kaunas, Germany, and Rome, joining the Marian congregation in 1938. He was ordained to the priesthood in Rome on July 21, 1946. From 1946-1950, he studied Sacred Scripture at the Biblicum in Rome, earning a Licentiate in 1949. Duoba was a member of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Sciences, presented cycles of homilies on Vatican radio, and authored articles in various magazines and newspapers. Over the years he served in Argentina, Connecticut, Rome, and Germany, finally settling in Chicago in 1978. He also held various offices throughout the years, including Superior, Provincial Councilor, Provincial Secretary, General Councilor, General Secretary, Assistant Postulator General, House Councilor, and House Treasurer. Duoba moved to the Matulaitis Nursing Home in Putnam, Connecticut in October 2008 and died on January 2, 2014.


Series 12: Very Reverend Joseph Vaškas, n.d.

Very Reverend Joseph Vaškas spent five years in Rome as a student, followed by three years as Vicar General of the Congregation of Marian Fathers. During his 58 years as a priest, he also served as Assistant Provincial Secretary and as editor of “Laivas.” He died on October 6, 1992 of a heart attack in Chicago at the age of 82. This series contains a folder of loose photographs, notes, and personal papers.


Series 13: Jonas Sakevičius

Jonas Sakevičius was born on June 30, 1907 in Marijampolė, Lithuania. He served as a priest for 74 years, holding the positions of Secretary General in Rome and pastor of St. Casimir Parish in London. He died on May 19, 2006 in Chicago.


Series 14: Reverend Bronislaus Vitkus, n.d.

Bronislaus Vitkus was a priest for 41 years and spent several years serving as a missionary in Argentina. He died on April 16, 1969 in Chicago at the age of 78. This series contains a journal of his sermons.


Series 15: Kazimieras Reklaitis, 1953-1971

Kazimieras Reklaitis was born in 1887 in Syntowty. He studied at Gregorian University in Rome and at St. Petersburg, and was ordained in Rome in 1913. He entered the MIC in 1918. He moved to Rome in 1925 where he served as house superior, secretary, procreator, treasurer, and postulator over fifteen years. He began Elenchus in 1926 and went on to serve as the American Provincial from 1940-1943. He died on October 21, 1967 in Rome. This series contains notebooks and sermons.


Series 16: Mykolas Ražaitis, 1945-1951

Mykolas Ražaitis was born in 1893 and died in 1959. He taught theology and philosophy at Vilkaviškis Theological Seminary. This series contains correspondence and other personal papers.


Series 17: Lithuanians in the Diaspora

This series contains three boxes of printed books and pamphlets that relate to the Lithuanian community and are secular in nature that were published primarily in Lithuania, Argentina and the United States. This series also contains content relating to the Marian Brothers in the diaspora, including religious printed books and pamphlets, published in Lithuania, Argentina and the United States. Unique and/or handwritten diaries and journals were sorted by series according to their creator, if known. If not known, the handwritten sources whose author was not able to be determined can be found in series 24. This series also includes an original architectural survey drawing of Carolyn Hall on the Norman B. Ream Estate in Thompson, Connecticut.The first name given to the new religious house was “Mariampolis”; the educational institution was called both “College Marianorum” and St. Mary’s College, purchased in 1931 to fulfill the Marian Fathers’ desire to purchase a site suitable for establishing a school for boys on the East Coast.


Series 18: Serials

This series contains ten boxes of serials printed by the Lithuanian community in the diaspora as well as various international academic and religious journals. This series includes various serials published by Lithuanians while in displaced persons (DP camps).


Series 19: Books (1800’s – 1930’s)

This series contains approximately fifteen boxes of printed books and pamphlets in Lithuanian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Belarusian, Ukrainian. The earliest of the books are bound in vellum. The printed history of the Lithuanian language is exhibited by the wide variety of printing press characters used in various time periods and countries in order to write the Lithuanian alphabet.


Series 20: Books (1940’s – present)

This series contains twenty-eight boxes of printed books and pamphlets in Lithuanian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Belarusian, Ukrainian. Of the twenty boxes, this series includes approximately seven boxes of books published by Lithuanians while in displaced persons (DP camps).


Series 21: Sheet Music, Loose and Bound

This series contains two boxes of religious, classical and traditional Lithuanian folk songs in loose and bound form.


Series 22: Prayer Books

This series contains approximately two boxes of prayer books. Note: not all prayer books are included in this series–some are found in boxes containing series 19 and 20.


Series 23: Newspaper Clippings

This series contains one box of newspaper clippings from Chicago and Buenos Aires that highlight the Marians’ activities in the diaspora.


Series 24: Miscellaneous

This series contains one box of handwritten and other personal papers that have no identifiable author.


Series 25: Audiovisual Materials

This series contains one box of slides, photographic negatives, magnetic tape reels, cassette tapes among other audiovisual materials.


Series 26: Rev. Anthony M. Švedas

Note: this series contains one original wooden World War II-era U.S. Army footlocker, approximately two linear feet in length. This series is described in a separate finding aid, entitled Rev. Anthony M. Švedas finding aid. This series contains numerous handwritten accounts of Rev. Švedas’ experience as U.S. Army chaplain during World War II. Rev. Anthony M. Švedas was born on August 13, 1909. Švedas studied philosophy in Montreal, Canada and later theology in Rome, where he was ordained to the Marian priesthood in 1934. The following year, Švedas taught at Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, Connecticut and did so for four years. He later became Novice master at the Marian Hills House. During World War II, the government required ten percent of every religious congregation to serve as military chaplains. In 1942, Švedas was the first Marian priest of his order to volunteer. He became the Army chaplain of task force 8408 and also of the 21st infantry regiment, 24th division. As a chaplain Švedas participated in several campaigns including Guadalcanal, Midanao, Bougainville, New Caledonia, and Solomon Islands. Švedas was also charter member and chaplain of the Don Varnas American Legion post since its founding in 1945 in Illinois. After eight years as an Army chaplain, Švedas served for two years as pastor and Superior of Our Lady of Vilna Catholic Church a Lithuanian parish in Chicago (23rd St. and Oakley Ave.). He later served as a chaplain in Alaska for a few years. Švedas was transferred to Argentina in 1960 where he spent the remainder of his life in Rosario holding many offices such as Superior and Novice Master. He died on November 21, 1993 at 84 years old in Rosario after celebrating 59 years in the priesthood.


Container List


Series 1: Kazimiras Jodelis, 1942-1978


Box 49

Photograph of Bishops and Cardinals, n.d.                                                           N.d.

Control Book for Displaced Persons and Refugees, May 4, 1948                       1948

Laikinas asmens liudijimas Nr. 889, October 19, 1942                                        1942

Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America                                                       1951 Membership Card, May 8, 1951


Jav Lietuvių Bendruomenē Lietuvio Knygelė                                                      n.d. (U.S. Lithuanian Community Lithuanian Booklet), n.d.


Red Photo Album, n.d.                                                                                          N.d.


Holy Name Society Member ribbon, n.d.                                                             N.d.


“Ferrania” box of Photographs, n.d.                                                                     N.d.


Town of Lake Camera’s envelope of photographs, n.d.                                       N.d.


Drawing, n.d                                                                                                         n.d


Address Labels, n.d.                                                                                             N.d.


Loose photographs, postcards, and greeting cards, 1944-1978                           1944-1978


Vertėjų Kongresas (Translators’ Congress) Recording, n.d.                                n.d.


Series 2: John Baltrušaitis, MIC, 1939-1963


Box 50

Box of photographs, postcards, and prayer cards, 1939-1946                           1939-1946


Passport, 1941                                                                                                    1941


Saint Stephen Society certificate, September 4, 1965                                       1965


Schoolife Composition Book, 1962-1963                                                         1962-1963


Fourteen Ideas That Can Change Your Life pamphlet, April 1972                   1972


Series 3: Subdeacon Matthew Pulauskas, n.d.


Box 50

Psychologie I notebook, n.d.                                                                               N.d.


Psychologie II notebook, n.d.                                                                              n.d.


Series 4: Very Reverend Dr. Viktoras Rimšelis, MIC, 1926-2002


Box 46

Handwritten manuscript, 1940                                                                             1940


“VR” photo album, 1947-1988                                                                            1947-1988


Blue folder of newspaper clippings and notes, 1951-1973                                  1951-1973


Vilnius photo album, 1941-1981                                                                          1941-1981


Red photo album, 1937-1982                                                                               1937-1982


Nuo Murmų iki Čikagos                                                                                       2002 (From Murman to Chicago), 2002


Photograph from the Marians of Argentina, October 16, 2002                            2002


Group photograph of priests, n.d.                                                                         N.d.


Letters regarding “Draugas”, 1997-1998                                                              1997-1998


Anno Mariano folder of photographs with Pope John Paul II, 1988                    1988


Scanned photograph of Archbishop George Matulaitis, 1926                              1926


Correspondence with Father Donaldo, 1993-1994                                               1993-1994


Cream-colored photo album, 1968-1995                                                              1968-1995


Folder of photographs and letters from Argentina                                                 1944-1994

Miscellaneous group photos, n.d.                                                               N.d.

Two color photographs of an ordination, May 28, 1994                            1994

Black and white photograph of a church, n.d.                                            N.d.

Photograph of Rimšelis standing in front of church reading, n.d.              N.d.

Photograph of man with bicycle standing in front of church, n.d.             N.d.

Letter from Father Jose Margis, July 19, 1991                                           1991

Photocopies of church documents, 1991                                                    1991

Photograph of Avellaneda Church and Monastery, n.d.                              N.d.

Small folder of miscellaneous photographs, 1977-1992                            1977-1992

Ritual de la primera profesión religiosa, n.d.                                              N.d.

Linksmų Šv. Kaliedų card, December 4, 1980                                           1980

Rosa Mystica prayer card, October 18, 1944                                              1944

Nativity scene card, 1988                                                                           1988


Pavergta Lietuva folder                                                                                           1979-1991

Photograph of Rimšelis speaking with two men, n.d.                                 N.d.

“Vakarų Šalys ir Maskva” newspaper clipping, October 17, 1979             1979

“Spaudos Laisvės Kovoje” newspaper clipping, n.d.                                  N.d.

Photograph of man speaking at microphone in church, June 1991             1991

Photograph of bishop at Natvity B.V.M. church, June 1991                       1991

Card from CCCP, 1984                                                                                1984


Every Day File album of correspondence, 1984-1996                                            1984-1996


Folder of American Province of St. Casimir documents, 1996                               1996


Colored group photograph, n.d.                                                                               N.d.


Happy Holidays Christmas card, December 2, 1995                                               1995


Letter from Albertas Rimšelis, December 3, 1995                                                   1995


Photocopies of passports for Albertas Rimšelis and                                                1996 Antanas Makštutis, 1996


Letter from Gintautas Rimšelis, March 26, 1996                                                     1996


Obituary for Father Pranas Račiūnas, August 26, 1997                                            1997


Letter from the Lithuanian Marian Provinicial, n.d.                                                  N.d.


Photocopy of invitation for Albertas Rimšelis to visit the U.S.,                               1996 January 24, 1996


Letter from Father Pranas Račiūnas, November 14, 1995                                       1995


Letter from Reverend Remigijus Gaidys, December 9, 1995                                  1995


Sermons in German, 1945                                                                                        1945


Card with two wedding photographs, 1995                                                              1995


Letter from Antanas Gurevicius, October 26, 1993                                                  1993


Letter from Remigijus Gaidys, January 25, 1996                                                     1996


Letter from Alėksandras Gribauskas, June 30, 1995                                                 1995


Medical Certificate for Alėksandras Gribauskas, June 26, 1995                               1995


Letter from Remigijus Gaidys, January 11, 1996                                                      1996


Letter with three black and white photographs, June 24, 1992                                  1992


Letter from Albertas Rimšelis, September 27, 1992                                                  1992


Envelope of miscellaneous photographs, 1938-1983                                                 1938-1983


Issues of The Marian Tidings, 1991-1993                                                                  1991-1993


Photograph of groundbreaking at the site of the                                                         n.d. Marian Fathers Monastery, n.d.


Group photograph featuring Cardinal Samuel Stritch, September 24, 1955              1955


Photograph of Marijampolejė, n.d.                                                                             N.d.


Card from Father Antanas Jonusas, 2004                                                                   2004


Letter to Dr. Vytautas R. Mockus, August 16, 2004                                                   2004


Miscellaneous family photographs, n.d.                                                                     N.d.


Newspaper clippings, 2006                                                                                         2006


Green folder of newspaper clippings, 1972-1996                                                       1972-1996


Lietuvių Katalikų Mokslo Akademijos Suvažiavimo Darbai,                                    1991

June 9-16, 1991


Reports from the Marian Fathers Chicago House, 1999                                             1999


Email from Birute Briliute, February 13, 2005                                                           2005


Invocation for the Congress of U.S.A., February 23, 1982                                         1982


Garbės Nario Diplomas from the Draugas Foundation,                                               1995 November 18, 1995


Documents concerning Draugas, 1999                                                                        1999


Issues of Vyskupo Informacija, 1990-2000                                                                   1990-2000


The Mission Press Directory, 1993                                                                               1993


Letter from Viktorija Lapėnienė, June 16, 1997                                                           1997


Letter to Guenther Huber, November 25, 1994                                                             1994


Letter from Vida Jankauskienė, November 7, 1994                                                      1994


Letter to Father K. Gražulis, November 1994                                                               1994


Three wedding photographs, August 11, 1990                                                              1990


Letter to the International Employment Agency, June 28, 1991                                   1991


Letter from Dalia, September 1992                                                                               1992


Letter from Maria Rudienė at the United Lithuanian                                                    1992 Relief Fund of America, Inc., September 15, 1992


Letter to Dalia, September 10, 1992                                                                              1992


Letter to M. Rudis, September 11, 1992                                                                        1992


Letter from President George H.W. Bush, December 14, 1989                                     1989


Letter from Viktorija Baranauskas to President Bush, April 3, 1990                             1990


Letter from Viktorija Baranauskas, December 3, 1995                                                   1995


Letter from Viktorija Baranauskas, February 5, 1992                                                     1992


Letter from Viktorija Baranauskas, January 23, 1992                                                     1992


Issue of Draugas, June 15, 2005                                                                                     2005


Typewritten manuscript about George Matulaitis, n.d.                                                    N.d.


Arkivyskupo Jurgio Matulaičio 50 metų mirties sukaktį minint, n.d.                               N.d.


Newspaper clipping, January 25, 1997                                                                            1997


Newspaper clipping, January 27, 2000                                                                            2000


Handwritten and typewritten notes on George Matulaitis, n.d.                                        N.d.


Card from Ladas Tulaba, 1998                                                                                         1998


Letter to Prelate, April 7, 1998                                                                                         1998


Letter from Ladas Tulaba, 1998                                                                                        1998


Issues of The Marian Tidings, 1982-1994                                                                         1982-1994


Memorial card for Pranas Račiūnas, 1998                                                                        1998


Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, September 20, 1999                                                             1999


Letter from the St. George Province, May 28, 1999                                                         1999


Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, September 16, 1998                                                             1998


Fax from Remigijus Gaidys, January 4, 1999                                                                   1999


Letter from Arvydas Liepa, May 18, 1997                                                                        1997


Letter of Recommendation for Remigijus Gaidys written by                                            1997 Juozas Zemaitis, April 3, 1997


Budget for Marijampolės Marijonų gimnazijos, May 12, 1997                                         1997


Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, December 22, 1998                                                                1998


Letter to John Kuncas, October 2, 1998                                                                              1998


Letter asking for donations for Marijampole High School, 1997                                        1997


Fax from Remigijus Gaidys, June 23, 1998                                                                         1998


Fax from Remigijus Gaidys, February 13, 1998                                                                  1998


Letter from Remigijus Gaidys, September 24, 1998                                                            1998


Letter asking for donations for Marijampole High School (Lithuanian),                            1997



Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, February 13, 1998                                                                   1998


Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, n.d.                                                                                          N.d.


Letter to  Remigijus Gaidys, May 26, 1998                                                                         1998


Fax from  Remigijus Gaidys, April 18, 1998                                                                      1998


Fax from  Remigijus Gaidys, May 6, 1998                                                                         1998


Letter to  Remigijus Gaidys, March 9, 1998                                                                       1998


Letter to Remigijus Gaidys, September 2, 1998                                                              1998


Fax from  Remigijus Gaidys, March 9, 1998                                                                    1998


Fax from  Remigijus Gaidys, February 12, 1998                                                               1998


Letter from  Remigijus Gaidys, July 20, 1998                                                                   1998


Email from  Remigijus Gaidys to Father Donald, December 7, 1999                               1999


Contract, n.d.                                                                                                                      N.d.


Letter from Remigijus Gaidys, June 20, 1999                                                                   1999


Folder of funeral sermons, 1980-1999                                                                             1980-1999


“Mūsų spauda” newspaper clipping, November 18, 2006                                                2006


Folder of invocations, 1969-1996                                                                                     1969-1996


Folder of Draugas documents, 1994-1996                                                                       1994-1996


Congregation of the Marian Fathers Directory of the American                                      1996 Province of St. Casimir, October 1996


Reports on the American Province of St. Casimir, 1990-1996                                       1990-1996


Photograph of two women at a party, n.d.                                                                       N.d.


Program for George Matulaitis, January 22, 1977                                                         1977


Headshot of Arnold Voketaitis in tuxedo, n.d.                                                                 N.d.


Headshot of Arnold Voketaitis in suit and tie, n.d.                                                          N.d.


Seating chart for the Maria High School auditorium, n.d                                               n.d.


Photograph of artwork created for Lithuania’s 600-year jubilee, 1987                         1987

Newspaper clipping, April 12, 1980                                                                             1980


Newspaper clipping, March 24, 1982                                                                           1982


Draugas 80 program, September 24, 1989                                                                   1989


Draugo Romano Įteikimo Iškilmės, May 4, 1985                                                        1985


Draugo Metinio Pokylio program, September 27, 1987                                              1987


Miscellaneous photographs, n.d.                                                                                  N.d.


Letter from the Lithuanian Catholic Press Society, 1979                                            1979


Letter from Draugas to its sponsors, January 25, 1986                                               1986


Letter to Amy Markvart, May 12, 1986                                                                      1986


Program for 70-year anniversary banquet of Draugas, September 22, 1979              1979


Draugas 70-year anniversary booklet, May 20, 1979                                                  1979


Letter to Sheree St. Pere, February 23, 1979                                                               1979


Letter to members of the Lithuanian Catholic Press Society,                                      1981 February 25, 1981


Letter from Draugas asking for donations, January 15, 1987                                     1987


Miscellaneous Draugas papers, 1982-1991                                                              1982-1991


Tapestry, 1983                                                                                                              1983


Miscellaneous notes, n.d.                                                                                               n.d.


Series 5: Pranas Brazys, 1947-1959

Box 49

Brown folio of notes, 1947-1959                                                                         1947-1959


Series 6: Reverend Pranciškus Garšva, MIC, 1962-1990

Box 49

Letter from Reverend Simon Morkunas, April 4, 1978                                       1978


Papers, letters, and photographs regarding “Draugas”, 1967-1968                     1967-1968


Letters and pamphlets, 1962-1972                                                                       1962-1972


Letter from Anthony J. Rudis, January 30, 1988                                                 1988


Letter from Maria Rockus, July 20, 1990                                                            1990


Award from the Lithuanian-American Community Cultural Council,                1988 (Jav Lietuvių Bendruomenės Kultūros Taryba), May 15, 1988


Personal letters and photographs, 1968-1972                                                      1968-1972


Series 7: Antanas J. Miciūnas, MIC, 1963-1970


Box 50

Yellow Blocco Spirale notebook, May 18-June 27, 1970                                    1970


Pink notebook, June 11-June 23, 1969                                                                 1969


Green folder of correspondence, 1963-1968                                                        1963-1968


Series 8: Francis Skrodenis, 1944

Box 49

Prayer card for the ordination of John J. Skrodenis to the priesthood,                1944 August 13, 1944


Series 9: Reverend Vytautas Bagdanavičius, MIC, 1947-1996


Box 45

Nepasaulėžiūrinės Politikos Klausimu, n.d.                                                         N.d.


Postcard from Bronius Kviklys, September 27, 1966                                           1966


Letter from University of Chicago, December 12, 1966                                       1966


Letter from P. Jouka, October 4, 1966                                                                   1966


Letter from V. Maciunas, October 4, 1966                                                            1966


Letter from Stasys Alšenas, November 1, 1966                                                     1966


Holiday card featuring Madonna with Child and Angels,                                      1966 December 23, 1966


Card with red drawing, October 29, 1966                                                               1966


Letter from Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, October 19, 1966                                 1966


Thank You card from Romualdas Zalubas, October 25, 1966                                1966


Unidentified letter, October 1, 1966                                                                        1966


Letters from Munich, 1946                                                                                      1946


Letters from Munich, 1947                                                                                      1947


Correspondence regarding Lithuanian refugees,                                                     1948 April 26,1948-December 6, 1948


Correspondence with Father Pranciškus Bučys, 1949-1951                                   1949-1951


Lietuvių Tremtinių Bendruomenes Statutas, n.d.                                                    N.d.

(Lithuanian American Community Exiles Statute)


Lietuvių Sąjungos Įstatai (Lithuanian Union Charter), n.d.                                    N.d.


Publications from the 1980s and 1990s, 1981-1994                                               1981-1994


Publications from the 1960s and 1970s, 1961-1976                                               1961-1976


Miscellaneous Publications, 1948-1993                                                                    1948-1993


Miscellaneous Publications, 1969-1996                                                                    1969-1996


Miscellaneous Publications, 1963-1988                                                                    1963-1988


Miscellaneous Publications, 1970-1982                                                                     1970-1982


Miscellaneous Publications, 1960-1988                                                                     1960-1988


Miscellaneous Publications, 1959-1991                                                                     1959-1991


Žmonijos Nuodėmingumo Klausimas, 1991                                                              1991

(Question of the Sinfulness of Humanity)


Fifty-Year Jubilee Card, 1986                                                                                     1986


Photograph of  Vytautas Bagdanavičius, n.d.                                                              N.d.


Telegram from Rome, November 26, 1966                                                                 1966


Lietuviška Materialistinė Literatūra iki Nepriklausomybės Paskelbimo,                   1966



Letter from P. Alšėnas, December 26, 1966                                                                 1966


Agreement for Cultural Wellsprings of Folktales, February 16, 1991                         1991


Note from Father Manelis, October 11, 1966                                                               1966


Letter from M. Eucharista, October 1, 1966                                                                 1966


Letter from Oak Park, March 14, 1967                                                                         1967


Cultural Wellsprings of Folktales, 1970                                                                        1970


Tautos Samprata ir Lietuvių Tautos Individualybė, 1977                                              1977

(The Concept of the Nation and the Lithuanian Nation’s Individuality)


Vienuolinis Gyvenimas (Religious Life), 1975                                                               1975


Articles about culture, 1959-1990                                                                                   1959-1990


Correspondence concerning Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, 1995                               1995


Letter to his fellow priests, March 4, 1996                                                                      1996


Notes on mythology, n.d.                                                                                                 N.d.


Notes on the Pope, n.d.                                                                                                 N.d.


Diocese of Vilkaviškis folder, 1989-1995                                                                    1989-1995


Handwritten papers, 1980                                                                                             1980


Playbill for Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You, 1983                                   1983


Articles on religion, 1965-1983                                                                                   1965-1983


Seating charts, n.d.                                                                                                         N.d.


Miscellaneous research, 1988                                                                                        1988


Articles on theology, 1961-1990                                                                                    1961-1990


Notes from Jeremiah Curtin’s Creation Myths of Primitive America (1898),                n.d.                  n.d.


Folder with notes on Dr. Pranai Bagdui, 1991                                                                1991


Notes on the Old Testament, n.d.                                                                                     N.d.


Gotai ir Pabaltijis, 1956                                                                                                  1956

(Goths and Baltics)


Letters concerning book publication, 1970-1984                                                             1970-1984


Article about Vytautas Bagdanavičius, n.d.                                                                      N.d.


Correspondence from Cardinal König, 1970                                                                    1970


Notes on Scheeben, 1990                                                                                                  1990


Articles on literature, 1980-1989                                                                                      1980-1989


Envelope from Germany, August 24, 1923                                                                       1923


Envelope from the Philippines, February 7, 1937                                                             1937


Documents from Rome, 1947-1950                                                                                 1947-1950

Photocopy of handwritten biography, n.d.                                                                       N.d.


Newspaper article about Edith Stein, March 1, 1995                                                      1995


Miscellaneous Papers, 1958-1961                                                                                   1958-1961


Socijologija ir Religija, November 22, 1956                                                                   1956

(Sociology and Religion)


Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes, n.d.                                                                            N.d.


Rožančiaus Teologija, n.d.                                                                                                N.d.


Marian Theology, September 7-14, 1990                                                                         1990


Dr. Statkevičiaus Dorovės Mokslas ir Jo Kritika, n.d.                                                      n.d.


Miscellaneous postcards, 1980-1990                                                                                1980-1990


Lietuviško Koplytstulpio Genezės Klausimu, n.d.                                                             N.d.


Ką velnio pavidalai lietuviškoje tautosakoje kalba                                                           1974    apie žmonijos religijas?, 1974


Letters concerning Draugas, 1971-1977                                                                          1971-1977


Tarnavimo Filosofija, n.d.                                                                                                  N.d.


Correspondence from the University of Ottawa, 1951-1974                                           1951-1974


Notes and letters from a theology conference, 1989                                                        1989


Mosklų ir Religijos Santykių Klausimas Šiandien, n.d.                                                    N.d.


Miscellaneous Notes, 1979-1984                                                                                     1979-1984


Typed manuscript of Gotai ir Pabaltijis, 1956                                                                1956


“Viemiolinis Tobulumas” folder, n.d.                                                                               N.d.


Photocopy of “Aukojimas Prūsuose Šešiolikto Šimtmečio Pradžioje”, 1984                 1984



Series 10: Mykolas Urbonavičius, MIC, 1930-1956


Box 50

Knights of Lithuania paperwork for Vladas Ceikus,                                           1938 January 1, 1938-May 16, 1938


State of Wisconsin Automobile License Application,                                         1930 December 10, 1930

Letter to Ray Pocius, August 8, 1931                                                                 1931


Letter from Ann C. Marchulones to Ray Pocius, May 19, 1931                         1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, July 29, 1931                                                                     1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, July 18, 1931                                                                     1931


Short note to Ray Pocius, September 25, 1930                                                    1930


Short note to Ray Pocius, July 10, 1930                                                              1930


Letter to Ray Pocius, June 6, 1931                                                                       1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, April 2, 1930                                                                      1930


Telegram from Vl. Juzenas, September 2, 1931                                                   1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, August 6, 1931                                                                   1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, January 30, 1931                                                                1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, February 18, 1931                                                              1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, May 9, 1931                                                                       1931


Postcard to Ray Pocius from the R.M.S. Majestic, September 14, 1930             1930


Letter to Ray Pocius, June 30, 1931                                                                     1931


Letter to Ray Pocius, June 12, 1931                                                                     1931


Letter from Vl. Juzenas, August 13, 1931                                                            1931


Easter Prayer Card, April 2, 1942                                                                         1942


Girdzinis-Jabanauskas Wedding Invitation, 1941                                                 1941


Telegram from Casimir Reklaitis, March 4, 1942                                                 1942


Telegram from P. Cinikas, March 4, 1932                                                             1932


Short note from Holy Trinity Rectory, September 2, 1941                                    1941


Letter from Francis Skrodenis, February 8, 1931                                                  1931


Letter, August 12, 1931                                                                                          1931


Letter to Konstantinas Stasys, March 30, 1940                                                      1940


Program for The Byelorussian Organizations of Chicago                                     1956 Thirty-Eighth Anniversary, March 25, 1956


Program for dance for the New Eastern Rite Parish                                               1956 of Christ the Redeemer, February 11, 1956


The Independence Day of Byelorussia, March 1956                                             1956


Unidentified letter, October 15, 1955                                                                     1955


Letter from the Byelorussian-American National                                                  1956 Council of Chicago, March 25, 1956


Letter from the Slavic People’s Research Project,                                                 1955 July 19, 1955


Letter in Belarusian, March 8, 1956                                                                       1956


Letter from the Byelorussian Church Committee of Chicago, 1956                      1956


Belarusian newsletter, April 1956                                                                           1956


Letter from the Whiteruthenian (Byelorussian) Catholic                                        1954 Mission of Byzantine Slavonic Rite in England, November 23, 1954


Letter from Canada, February 14, 1953                                                                   1953


Letter from the Ukranian National Women’s League                                              1954 of America, Inc., September 25, 1954


Letter from  Whiteruthenian American National Council, March 25, 1952            1952

Letter from Whiteruthenian Byelorussian Association                                          1954 in the State of Illinois, March 28, 1954


Bulletin of Whiteruthenian Association in the State of Illinois,                            1954 March 25, 1954


Handwritten letter, June 3, 1953                                                                             1953


Series 11: Reverend Jonas Duoba

Box 48


Red Photo Album

Maroon Photo Album 1964-1968


Brown Photo Album, Labeled “Duoba” 1966-1967


Loose Photographs 1965,1984-1985


White Binder containing photo negatives 1967, 1972, 1979-1981


Brown Photo Album 1960


White Paper Folder containing photograph negatives 1980


Manilla Evelope labeled, “Zanavykijos It.”

Containing photograph negatives N.d


1966 Alien Address Report 1966


Yellow Envelope containing small brown book labeled,

“Vicariatus Urbis 1967


Worn, Brown Envelope containing newspaper clippings 1972-1980


“Littarae Commendatitiae Nr. 193/75 1975


Brown Photo Album 1960s-1970s


American Travel Service Bureau “Draugo” Ekskursijos Dalyviu Sarasas N.d


Large Brown Envelope containing United States Visitation Documents 1988


Yellow Envelope containing Attestation of Pilgrimage Document

and A Master of the Mountain Certificate and Bumper Sticker 1983


Notes on Travel and Places, 51 pages, n.d N. d


Cardboard Box containing letters and correspondence 1960s-1980s


Certificate of Naturalization Document 1966


Residence of Foreigners in Italy Document 1967


Address Report Cards 1961-1965


Department of Motor Vehicle Driver’s License 1960,61,64,66,70,87


Application for a Visa of Entry and short Sojourn in Italy Form 1962


Box of letters and correspondence (384) various dates


Box of Letters and correspondence (labeled Douba) (215) various dates


Box of Holiday/Postcards (450) various dates


Tan notebook N.d.


Taped, grey envelope of notes N.d.


Green and white envelope containing correspondence (11) 1961,1963,1975-1977


Small, white envelope containing election information 1968,1989


Series 12: Very Reverend Joseph Vaškas, n.d.


Box 49

Loose photographs, letters, and notes, n.d.                                                          N.d


Series 13: Jonas Sakevičius

Box 47

*Red box containing photos and holy cards, 1940s-1950s 1940s-1950s


*Envelope containing photos, 1950s-1960s 1950s-1960s


*Letter of recognition for Kan. Feliksas Kapočius on the occasion of his 50th birthday, Buchbergklause, May 31, 1945 1945


*Letter of recognition for Kan. Feliksa s Kapočius from Lithuanians in Germany and Austria, Vytis Scouts, November 26, 1946 1946


*Letter of recognition for Kan. Feliksas Kapočius from Lűbeck Lithuanian Community, November 11, 1946 1946


*Watercolor of nursing home, c1946 1946


*Gray photograph folder containing one portrait of a man inscribed with,”A friend to the altar. Jon Pilipausas. Marquette Studio.”  c1940s 1940s


*Red photograph folder containing one portrait of an unnamed woman, c 1940s 1940s

Brown folder containing: a letter to the congregation of Our Lady of Vilna Church, Chicago, author unknown; Minutes, proposals, newsletter, and status personalis of Fr. Kelpsas from the Congregation of Marian Fathers, XVI Provincial Chapter of the American Province of St. Casimir, Chicago; Minutes from Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT; Portion of The Chicago Catholic newspaper, 1981 1981


Alphabetical sorter containing correspondence in Italian and Lithuanian 1961-1963


Olive folder containing 78 pages of musings on religious topics, n.d. n.d.


Blue folder containing 46 pages of musings on religious topics and newspaper clippings, 1958


Small yellow Kodak box containing slides, July 28, 1969 1969


Small turquoise box containing business cards for Rev. J. (Giovanni) Sakevičius in London and Rome, n.d. N.d.

Small orange envelope containing portraits, April 9, 1945 1945


Pale green folder containing: 29 pages of religious writings/musings, 1956-1962; two holy cards for Dievo Tarnas, 1927; holy card for Kun. Jonas Petrėnas, 1957; Latin history of Congregation CC. RR. Marianorum, 1955; list of priests birthdates, dates of ordination, city of residence, and diocese, 1956; two page document on how to perform a confession; 14 page biography of Archbishop Georgius (Jurgis) Matulevičius plus an introductory page in German, June 9, 1918; newspaper articles, 1956-1958, 1918-1962 1918-1962


Loose page on Italian Board activities from 1959-1963 1963


Loose 16 pages outline and list of addresses of the Italian Lithuanian community   1963


Loose ten pages detailing proposed additions and changes to Articles of Association, a listing of statutes of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy, and a list of Lithuanian Catholic Academy members, 1962 1962


Gray box containing: photo id document of Giovanni Sakevičius, 1944; letter from Sacra Paenitentiaria Apostolica about Ioannes (Giovanni) Sakevičius, February 13, 1961; letter from Joannes Sakevičius asking permission from Rome to give out miraculous medals, March 16, 1955; certificate testifying that Johannem Sakevičius studied to be part of the Marian Monastery, July 28, 1955; letter transferring priests between churches, October 9, 1958; letter giving Fr. Sakevičius the power to appoint a Master of Novices, May 19, 1958; letter giving Fr. Sakevičius the power to appoint a member to the Upper House of the Provincial Council, September 12, 1960; booklet granting Fr. Sakevičius the ability to initiate men and women into the society of the faithful, October 21, 1960; document detailing that Fr. Sakevičius is a member of the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, February 13, 1946; booklet creating a union for helping the dying, 1923; booklet of psalm hours for holidays, n.d.            1923-1961


Blue photo album 1953-1978


Brown notebook with sermons on Mary in Italian, November 21, 1969 1969


Envelope containing musings on various topics n.d.


Brown folder containing thoughts on various religious topics, 1962 1962


Envelope containing several portraits and a prayer, n.d. N.d.


Blue photo album containing newspaper clippings and holy cards, 1953-1964


Blue binder containing doctoral dissertation of Fr. Sakevičius, 1945


Brown folder containing a postcard and a handwritten poem, August 17, 1948; homilies, 1967-1970; transcripts of news programs, 1968; monastery daily schedule, n.d.; photocopies pages from a religious book in German titled He Went Out, 1969 1948-1970

Brick-colored folder containing spiritual musings, 1932-1953 1932-1953


Photo of St. Gabriel’s Church First Communion Class, May 30, 1948 1948


Photo of a First Communion class, n.d. n.d.


Photo of unnamed priest, maybe Fr. Sakevičius?, n.d. N.d.


Brick-colored folder containing the college study book of Joannes Sakevičius, 1940 – 1944; envelope containing assorted cards and postcards, n.d.; ½ page containing a list of documents on one side and part of a letter on another; document about the 1940 Lithuanian parliamentary elections and the connection to the Soviet Union, 1954; assorted letters, 1942-1957; retreat schedules, 1955-1956; religious notes, 1945-1957; postcards, 1942-1947; card for a Silver Jubilee, 1957; expense report, 1956-1957; list of priests celebrating a jubilee, July 23, 1955; newspaper clippings, 1950-1956; renewal of baptismal promises, 1957; pages from a newsletter, 1958-1959; proposed changes to the List of the Dead, n.d.; orange envelope containing assorted letters and notes, 1943-1944 1940-1959


Blue folder containing newspaper clippings, 1962-1963; page from a newsletter, 1959; letter, 1963; highlights from a speech, October 21, 1962; religious notes, n.d.; brochure advertising “Villa Lituania,” a retreat center in Rome, n.d.; revision requests from the General Council, n.d.; thoughts on maintaining the flexibility of the assembly, n.d.; document enumerating privileges of the order, n.d.; picture of the Vatican II council, n.d. 1959-1963


Brick-colored folder containing religious notes, 1962-1963; newsletters, 1960; newspaper clippings, 1960; letter asking to collect material about the works of the deceased Antano Pauliukonio, October 25, 1960; Vatican radio broadcast about Corpus Christi, June 3, 1956



Two red photo albums with card inside one stating, “Francis J. Kelpsas Ordained Priest, May 3, 1950” 1950


Series 14: Reverend Bronislaus Vitkus, n.d.


Box 49

Journal of sermons, n.d.                                                                                       n.d.

Series 15: Kazimieras Reklaitis, 1953-1971

Box 49

Gray notebook, 1953                                                                                            1953


Sermon in Spanish, n.d.                                                                                        n.d.


Sermon, May 2, 1970                                                                                           1970


Sermons from throughout the year, 1971                                                             1971


Blocco Spirale notebook written in Latin, n.d.                                                     n.d.


Blocco Spirale notebook written in Italian and Lithuanian, 1971                        1971


Blue notebook, n.d.                                                                                               n.d.


Series 16: Mykolas Ražaitis, 1945-1951


Box 49

Embarkation Card, March 25, 1947                                                                    1947


Trumpa Pasauliečių Dogmatika, 1947                                                                 1947


Correspondence with The Catholic Committee for Refugees,                       1950-1951



Notes for the Commission of the “Lithuanian Caritas” in Germany                  1945-1947

and Austria, 1945-1947


Ražnytinės Muzikas Įstatymai, 1945                                                                    1945


Series 17: Lithuanians in the Diaspora


Box 44

“Lankytinos Vietos Romoje, Turinčios Ryšį su Lietuvos Įstorija.”


Prel. Liudvikas J. Mendelis. Keletas Prisiminimų iš Kelionės po Europą 1957 m. Vasarą, 1957.


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BALFO Chicagos Apskrities 1984 metų Rinkliavos Aukotojų Sąrašas – Apyskaita. Bendras Amerikos Lietuvių Šalpos Fondas.


BALFO Chicagos Apskrities 1985 metų Rinkliavos Aukotojų Sąrašas – Apyskaita. Bendras Amerikos Lietuvių Šalpos Fondas.


BALFO Chicagos Apskrities 1982 metų Rinkliavos Aukotojų Sąrašas – Apyskaita. Bendras Amerikos Lietuvių Šalpos Fondas.


BALFO Chicagos Apskrities 1986 metų Rinkliavos Aukotojų Sąrašas – Apyskaita. Bendras Amerikos Lietuvių Šalpos Fondas.


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Series 18: Serials


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Box 2: frenDX, Specialist, The American Slavic and East European Review, Études, “Lithuania” Philatelic Society/Filatelistų Draugijos “Lietuva”, Elenchus, Chicago Studies, Moterų Dirva, Revista Baltica, Mūsų Vytis, Wort und Wahrheit, Marian Studies


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Box 4: Homo Dei, Skaitymi, Žvaigždė/The Star, Tiesos Kelias, Šaltinis, Lietuva, Priestly Studies, Cross and Crown, Knygų Lentyna, Giedra, Die Umschau


Box 5: Aidai


Box 6: Aidai, Laiškai Lietuviams, Naujasis Gyvenimas


Box 7: Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, Krivūlė, Róze Maryi, Suvalkija, The Tablet, Marian Helpers Bulletin, Omelie, Catholics in Soviet-Occupied Lithuania, The Priest, Theology Digest, Tautos Gyvbė, Menotyra, Revue de l’Université d’Ottawa, Bendradarbis, Marianus, Esprit, Moteris, Jaunimo Žygiai, Logos, The Knight, The Assyrian Star Magazine, Šventoji Senojo Įstatymo Istorija, Kaišiadorių Vyskupija, Mūsų Žinios, Leituvis Žurnalistas, Mūsų Žingsniai, Varpas, Pamokslai, Naujos Knygos, Newsletter Viceprovince of St. Casimir, The Marian, Mūsų Sparnai,


Boxes 8, 9, 10, 10b, 35: Laivas


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****Box 22: 119 books


Box 55


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Box 63


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Series 20: Books (1940’s – present)


Box 7: 39 books

Box 7b: 34 books

Box 8: 37 books

Box 9: 70 books

Box 10: 64 books

Box 11: 36 books

Box 12: 75 books

Box 13: 80 books

Box 14: 64 books

Box 15: 49 books

Box 16: 46 books

Box 20: 65 books

Box 21: 51 books

Box 23: 47 books

Box 25: 80 books

Box 26: 69 books

Box 27: 65 books

Box 28: 63 books

Box 29: 63 books

Box 30: 63 books

Box 31: 58 books

Box 32: 46 books

Box 33: 49 books

Box 34: 73 books

Box 36: 55 books

Box 37: 34 books

Box 38: 76 books

Box 39: 35 books

Box 39b: 28 books

Box 40: 68 books


Series 21: Sheet Music Loose and Bound


Box 42

Box 43


Series 22: Prayer Books and Bibles


Box 19


Series 23: Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings

Box 24


Series 24: Miscellaneous

Note: this series contains numerous unidentified handwritten diaries and journals of Marian Fathers.


Box 51

Aurora Gate St. Mother of God, n.d.                                                                        N.d.


Proceedings of the General Congress of the Lithuanian                                          1946 Red Cross, September 26-27, 1946


Marian Fathers in Argentina photo album, 1948                                                      1948


Dark red velvet handwritten prayer book with hand-drawn illustrations, 1928

Inscribed “Atminimui, Skiriu brangiam broliui Kazimierui V., savo vienumos vos tik bepražystančias, liūdnam gyvenimo sukury, pirmąsias gėlės….” Marijampole, 1928.III.18.


Red folder of sermons, 1948-1965                                                                           1948-1965


Folder of miscellaneous papers, 1965-1969                                                             1965-1969


Unidentified journal, September 14, 1945-December 19, 1945                                1945


Unidentified black journal, December 23, 1945-June 25, 1945                                1945


Green address book, n.d.                                                                                            N.d.


Blue address book, n.d.                                                                                              N.d.


Unidentified black journal, December 13, 1947-March 20, 1948                             1947-1948


Unidentified black journal, April 15, 1948                                                                1948


Unidentified black journal, January 12, 1948-March 1, 1948                                   1948


Green Knights of Lithuania notebook, 1946                                                              1946


Tėvų Marijonų Bendradarbių Draugija ribbon, n.d.                                                   N.d.


Obituary for Juozas Kapačinskas, January 13, 1992                                                  1992


Memorial card for Brother Jonas Banys, MIC, March 31, 1970                                1970


Envelope of papers relating to Christmas pageant, November 10, 1988                    1988


Unidentified black journal, September 3, 1947-May 13, 1948                                   1947-1948


Small painting of baby Jesus and Mary, n.d.                                                               N.d.


Unidentified journal with newspaper clippings, 1949-1962                                       1949-1962


Unidentified black journal, July 16, 1946-February 15, 1947                                    1946-1947


Unidentified black journal, May 16, 1948-December 31, 1948                                  1948


Unidentified black journal, January 7, 1949-February 3, 1950                                   1949-1950


Unidentified black journal, 1950-1951                                                                        1950-1951


Unidentified gray journal, May 14, 1945-July 29, 1945                                              1945


Unidentified black journal, n.d.                                                                                    N.d.


Unidentified gray journal, July 30, 1945-September 10, 1945                                     1945

Unidentified black journal, November 16, 1947-August 25, 1948                               1947-1948


Handwritten sermons, 1977-1992                                                                                  1977-1992


Folder of newspaper clippings, 1950-1982                                                                    1950-1982


Miscellaneous papers, 1947-1950                                                                                  1947-1950


Wallet, n.d.                                                                                                                      N.d.


Small black notebook, November 25, 1956                                                                    1956


Tell Arbeitsbuch, September 15, 1949                                                                            1949


Ordination card for Vytautas Juozapas Volodka, December 22, 1973                            1973


Postcard for Islander Resort Motel in Florida, n.d.                                                          N.d.


Lithuania/Kaunas ribbon, n.d.                                                                                          N.d.


Two children’s drawings, n.d.                                                                                          N.d.


Miscellaneous letters, 1945                                                                                             1945


Pink folder of handwritten documents, 1971-1976                                                         1971-1976


Vienuoliškas Gyvenimas (Monastic Life), n.d.                                                               N.d.


Dievo Paveikslas Žmoguje  (The Image of God in Man), n.d.                                       N.d.


Bernardas, Liuteris, n.d.                                                                                                  N.d.


Pasaulio Niekinimas (The World’s Contempt), n.d.                                                        N.d.


Neturtas (Poverty), n.d.                                                                                                   N.d.


Žmogaus Laisvė (Human Freedom), n.d.                                                                        N.d.


Valia (Will), n.d.                                                                                                              N.d.


Žmogaus Prigimtis (Humanity), n.d.                                                                              N.d.


Bern. Mistika (Bern. Mysticism), n.d.                                                                            N.d.


Tikėjimas (Faith), n.d.                                                                                                     N.d.


Šv. Dvasios Veikimas (The Workings of the Holy Spirit), n.d                                      N.d.


Bibliografia (Bibliography), n.d.                                                                                    N.d.


Sielos Didybė (Greatness of Soul), n.d.                                                                          N.d.


Dorybės Šventumas (The Virtue of Sainthood), n.d.                                                     N.d.


Klusnybė, n.d.                                                                                                                N.d.


Žmogaus Tikslas (Human Relationships), n.d.                                                              N.d.


Malda – Mąstymas (Prayer – Thinking), n.d.                                                                  N.d.


Meilė (Love), n.d.                                                                                                           N.d.


Nuolankumas (Humility), n.d.                                                                                       N.d.


Bernardo, n.d.                                                                                                                N.d.


Šv. Bernardas (St. Bernard), n.d.                                                                                   N.d.


Bern. Mokytojai (Bern. Teachers), n.d.                                                                         N.d.


Savęs Pažinimas (Self-Knowledge), n.d.                                                                      N.d.


Nusikaltimas – Blogis (Crime – Evil), n.d.                                                                    N.d.


Viltis (Hope), n.d.                                                                                                          N.d.


Marijos Garbinimas (Worship of Mary), n.d.                                                               N.d.


Dievo Malonė (God’s Grace), n.d.                                                                                N.d.


Asmuo (Individual), n.d.                                                                                               N.d.


Įvairūs (Miscellaneous), n.d.                                                                                         N.d.


Kūno Marinimas – Atgaila (Mortification of the Flesh – Repentance), n.d.                 N.d.


Velvet flower journal, February 25, 1926-March 25, 1928                                       1926-1928


Black Quaderno notebook, April 16, 1946-October 18, 1946                                   1946


Brown folder containing handwritten essays, n.d.                                                      N.d.


Manila folder of handwritten notes, n.d.                                                                     N.d.


Pink folder of handwritten notes, n.d.                                                                         N.d.


Series 25: Audiovisual Materials


Box 61

Three cassette albums, n.d.                                                                                               N.d.


Paramat camera, n.d.                                                                                                         N.d.


Brown box of slides, n.d.


Casio box of slides, 1985


Yellow box of slides, n.d.


Box of rolls of undeveloped film, 1971


Brown photo album from Robert N. Reynolds, n.d.


Kodaslide Stereo Viewer I with slides, n.d.


Box of rolls of undeveloped film, 1975-1979


Unidentified photographs, 1967